What you should know about nail art

With the festive season around the corner, Lizy D’Souza tells you how to make a statement with just your nails.

The dress, shoes, and accessories are important. But, here’s how you make a statement every time you shake hands with someone. The French manicure has moved out and the new trend is anything but subtle. It’s time to go bold with prints, neon nail art and more.

At some point in time, we’ve all smudged perfectly polished nails and gone through the tedious process of redoing them. Now it’s a trend.Work in bits of solid colour with splotches of neon pinks and lime greens. Easy to do, this versatile statement usually does well as an everyday look.


This nail art is the perfect bit of excitement for a lazy day. Also known as the gradient look, this works best with contrasting colours that complement each other. First apply a few layers of any light colour and let it dry. Later overlap it with a contrasting dark colour so that they do not smudge, but blend into each for the perfect gradient effect.

 22Stamp it

Stamping attractive patterns on your nails is making nail art more accessible to anyone who wants to try it but doesn’t have very steady hands. This technique is simple and just like ready to mix food, all you have to do is paste the nail stamp onto your nails. You can also apply a shade of your favourite enamel followed by the stamp for a quirky twist on this look.  These stamps are easily available in the market but if you need professional help you can have them customised with your choice of designs and patterns.

While the subtle version of the French manicure is dated, take the look up a couple of notches on the trend ladder by adding a little sparkle. With the holiday season coming up, Farheen Shaikh of Nail Spa Experience says, “Nail art in India is a growing trend.Glitter tips work best for most occasions, especially weddings.”Adding a splash of oomph to glitter might sound impossible, but with the option of stick-on diamante (fake diamond stickers) there’s plenty to try out. Choose from the ‘half way’ pattern, that adds sparkle to just the nail tips or, the ‘full way’ pattern that usually covers a v shaped portion of the nail.

Tribal Mania
Tribal nail designs are everywhere. Everything from Aztec to Navaho prints is trending right now. It is messy and requires some technical proficiency to get it right. If you’re feeling like giving it a shot, you will need plenty of tape, contrasting colours, fine brushes and plenty of newspaper to cover the tabletop you’re working on. Tribal prints work best with bright or neon colours.

Danity Kane's nail at the VMAsThe 2013 Video Music Awards even had a ‘mani cam’. What’s that?  Proof that the manicures has gained enough importance to merit their own mini red carpet coverage.

Prashant Sonawane, owner of Nail Art Academy that has outlet in Santacruz, Bandra and Mulund says, “Nail art in India is trending and it is only gaining more importance for women want to look complete and presentable.” He adds, “While the corporate crowd worships neutral enamels, the hip folks take it a notch higher with hot pinks and striking orange.”

With all this information, we encourage you to go bold and jump right into the nail art frenzy. Play it safe with the classic cherry red enamel or go bold with prints, glitter and neon colours.

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