Kodachrome crazy

With every conceivable colour staring boldly back at you from all the little nooks in the city, Anjum Chevalwala shares a few of her favourite Holi clicks.

Four Bungalows Market, Andheri

The Water Sports

Let the water sports begin.

The 'so-called' Terminator

The Terminator

Bazaar Road, Bandra

Pocketful of sunshine

Pretty packets

Purple... I want them all!

Purple, pink, blue… I want ‘em all!

City Light Market, Matung

Local residents preparing for the bonfire

Prepping for the big blaze

Paint the town red

Painting the town Red

Abdul Rehman Street, Near Crawford Market

It's war. Are you ready?

It’s war. Are you ready?

Colours of the rainbow

Colour us happy


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