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Love is in the air and Rajat Bigghe chats with a few couples from the city and asks them to suggest a perfect place to spend Valentine’s Day and share how they keep the spark alive.

As we approach Valentine’s Day, we talk to three couples in the city on their secret to a happy successful relationship.

Family First – The newbies
Abhishek Vats, Software Engineer and Rashi Talwar, HR Consultant.

They are all set to tie nuptial knot on the 4th February but Abhishek and Rashi are having a time of their life chalking out what they need to do on Valentine’s Day.
“Usually we would have gone for a long drive followed by romantic dinner at Celeste, Taj Faluknama. This year we want to spend time with family,” says Abhishek. The new bride by then hopes to go for a spin, eat ice creams and buy balloons.

Their love saga began six years ago, when their families finally decided to get them married. Though, they have spent plenty of Valentine ’s Days together, this will really be special, as they will celebrate it with our families for the first time.
While the day is not really a family holiday, they recently got married and both of them will be in their hometown. It’s going to be an extended marriage celebration on Valentine’s Day with family.

Their pick: Tre Forni @ Park Hyatt


Little Things – Four years young

2nd CoupleRanjit Reddy, Income Tax Consultant and Rashmi Reddy, Professor.

“We’ve been married almost for almost four years and ours was an arranged marriage. Both of us put in the effort to keep the flame burning,” “For instance, I try and make the effort with little gestures like gift wrapping small gifts that he loves, like stationery. So, I buy a nice pen and send it to his office,” says Rashmi
Ranjit adds, “It’s about doing something different and a little extra. If she asks me to pick up her clothes or something for her, I make it a point to slip in a sweet note in the bags”
This sweet couple is planning to spend Valentine’s Day at the O2 Spa, luxuriating in aromatic oils, deep-tissue massages, and strange-sounding therapies using cups and hot rocks.

Their pick: Terrace Bay @ Somajiguda

Pay attention – Tried and tested for 20 years
Rajan Nair, Businessman and Archana Nair, Housewife.

couple_beachThis couple has been together for more than two decades. They’ve been married for almost 20 of these years and are still are so in love with each other. While this is inspirational in itself, Rajan says, “More than expensive gifts, women want their men to show them that they truly cherish them. By doing a little homework and paying attention to the things their loved one really cares about, men can make women feel adored.”
They like to keep it simple and while they plan to stay home this Valentine’s Day, Archana who loves to write poems will write a special little poem for her husband this year. She adds, “For us everyday together is like Valentine’s Day. We think it’s now time for our children to celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

Their pick: Angeethi @ City Centre Mall

If there is something we can learn from successful couples, it is that the little things matter. So help cupid keep his job and keep the love light burning bright, this Valentine’s Day and all the ones that follow.

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