FYI: Cosplay ideas for the Comic Con, Mumbai

With the biggest comic festival approaching Mumbai, Lizy D’souza shares easy to make costume ideas with Comic Con Mumbai first timers.


Comic Con –The biggest annual cosplay event in Mumbai is the perfect platform to show your love for characters you’ve grow attached to over the years. Cosplay or suiting up as a comic character doesn’t only mean plenty of attention but with huge prizes associated with Cosplay usually means it pays to be a cut above the rest.

Here’s a list of easy costumes, suggested by the folks that have been there and know just how to make an impression.

Ciel_Phantomhive_-_Kuroshitsuji_Black_Butler_Kuroshitsuji or Black buttler
Darren Andrade, co-founder of Mumbai Anime Club(it was founded in 2010)who frequents Comic Con across India, suggests, Kuroshitsuji, a popular Japanese manga. This dark humour character is easy to replicate he says. “Put on your best suit paired with a pair of white gloves. Next, get your lady friends to straighten your hair (or borrow a hair piece) for that handsome black butler look,” he adds. Even though this character is vengeful, it has an air of mystery that can be very attractive.

Rogue from X-men
“X-men characters are easy to copy”, says Niha Patil, who has been part of Comic Conin Mumbai as well as a few anime fests in Asia and Boston. Among the many powerful mutant characters to choose from Niha suggests ‘Rogue’.“Put on a black full-sleeved top, a green jacket and pair of black slim fit pants. Add black gloves and silvery white hair extensions and you’re good to go.” if you’re feeling a little more confident, pick a green and yellow ensemble and pay tribute to one of the best-known power absorbing characters of all time.

Crayon ShinchanUntitled-2
Another manga import, Crayon Shinchan, this witty little child can make for a simple yet noticeable Cosplay idea for youngsters. Reetam Majumder, co-founder of the Mumbai Anime Club who frequents Comic Con says, “Grab a red tee and a yellow pair of shorts, borrow your mother or sister’s kajal to thicken your eyebrows, and you’re done.”This lovable and easily recognizable character is great for amateurs or another in hurry. If its done right, plenty of attention is guaranteed.

Plenty of us love the adorable detective dog Scooby and his ditzy best friend Shaggy. Darren says, “To get into the shoes of this sensational detective, wear a green t-shirt and a brown baggy pants.” But that’s not it as the best part about being Shaggy is that you can flaunt your early morning ‘just out of the bed look’ and scream “Zoinks!” whenever you feel like.

Katniss from Hunger games
The newest entrant for Cosplay has to be ‘Katniss’ from Hunger Games. While most people will go with the usual joker or superman, you could flaunt your fierceness with a simple green vest,black fitted pants, jacket and a backpack. Niha shares a quirky way of making a bow to complete your look. She says, “Use an old wooden hanger and hold it as a bow.”

The list of character to choose from is never ending but the best way to make the most of Comic Con is by keeping it simple. Cosplay lets you unleash all your creativity to get into the skin of a character you like. From tearing your dad’s old pants to look like The Incredible Hulk to transforming yourself into a wizard like Harry Potter, your best reason to play dress up is here.

  • Katniss avatar from Hunger Games. Use an old wooden hanger as a bow!
  • Reetam as Isshin Bleach
  • Darren Andrade as Assassins Cross Ragnarok
  • Niha at the previous Comic Con
  • Need Complexity along with creativity??? check out Daniel in his paper mash avatar as Gundam

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