5 Things We Love about Chennai

Rajnikanth ’s style

Rajnikanth is the big daddy of South Indian Cinema. A cultural icon, we love him for his unique sense of style, his dialogue delivery, and his stunts!  Bite this bullet, you Rascala!

The San Thome Cathedral

Built in honour of St. Thomas, the San Thome Cathedral has been in existence since the 14th century. It is famous for housing the relics and mortal remains of St. Thomas, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ.

San Thome Cathedral

Chennai Super Kings

How can we not love Dhoni and his super kings. They’ve given us much reason to celebrate by winning the IPL twice in a row as well as becoming the reigning ICC Champions League winners. We also love Sivamani for his interesting drum beats and weird head movements during the matches.

Jogging @ Marina Beach

The Marina beach is Chennai’s most famous natural tourist attraction. It also happens to be India’s longest beach. The silver sandy shore and the clean air make it a great place for a morning jog or an evening walk.

Mysorepak @ Krishna Bhavan

This is one thing that most visitors to Chennai are crazy about. Krishna Bhavan makes the most deliciously soft Mysorepak.


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  1. Hi Team Burrp!

    Marina Beach being the special beat it is – please could we have a real photograph of Marina! :)


  2. Hey Ashwini,

    thanks for your feedback, I’ve changed the image now.

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