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Andheri has its fair share of dessert stores and The Boston Cupcakery, offering cupcakes like no one else, is yet another delightful addition to the brigade, says Anjum Chevalwala.

3The promise of freshly baked American styled cupcakes lure us to The Boston Cupcakery (TBC), the newly opened dessert joint in Lokhandwala. The store gets its name and its unique flavours with a little help from the Utah-based baker and Cupcake Wars contestant, Erik Larsen and his wife Cori. The reality TV stars spent about five months training the bakers at TBC and designing the special menu.

As we enter the store with a minimalistic rich brown décor, it’s the cupcakes beyond the huge glass display that get our attention. Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, Oreo and rainbow sprinkles – the desserts are a visual treat. Looking at them almost makes you wonder if each of them gets a certificate of approval before they get to the display. Made in the bakery that’s just behind the store, that’s close enough.

Banana chocolate cupcake

Banana chocolate cupcake

On the recommendation of the friendly staff, we tried the mini Banana Chocolate (Rs 30) and an Apple Cinnamon (Rs 80) cupcake. A hint of banana flavouring in the cake, topped with a smooth chocolate butter cream, the Banana Chocolate cupcake has the perfect balance of sweetness. And if we could imagine heaven on earth, we’re pretty sure it would look like the Apple Cinnamon cupcake. Chunks of cinnamon spiced apples buried in the soft, moist and fluffy cake and light butter cream dusted with cinnamon powder – this sweet and spicy delight was a clear winner for us.

The Red Velvet and Black Cherry, both priced at Rs 80, somehow failed toimpress us. The popular red dessert lacked a distinctive taste; it could have been a regular classic cupcake with butter cream for all we know. A bit of moderately sweet black cherry preserve stuffed into the centre of a regular cupcake didn’t exactly make us want to pledge us undying love to it. The fresh Strawberry cupcake (Rs 80) with flavoured butter cream on the other hand was fruity and toothsome. TBC’s trademark moist and airy style cake, filled with fresh Strawberry preserve and a generous amount of butter cream to top it made this one a sweet affair.

Hazelnut and Red velvet cupcake

Hazelnut and Red velvet cupcake

We couldn’t leave without indulging the chocoholic in us, now could we? The Hazelnut flavoured cupcake oozing with Nutella in every bite has become our new go-to comfort food. We only wish it wasn’t so heavy, and then we wouldn’t have to share.

Our stuffed tummies protested at the thought of trying some more flavours and this time around, we gave in. With a promise to be back for some more of the Apple Cinnamon awesomeness and to try out new interesting flavours (we’re intent on sampling the Trail Mix and Boston Cream Pie), we left TBC with our sweet tooth fully satisfied.

Must try: Apple Cinnamon cupcake, Hazelnut Cupcake, Banana Chocolate Cupcake

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