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Nothing can kill the high of a fun night, like an inflated alcohol bill. But, as is the case for most things in Mumbai, there are a number of offers to make life easy for the smart drinker, says Chetna C

How often do you have a few drinks at home before you head to a restaurant or nightclub? That’s the question the folks at Grillopolis are asking when introducing their Liquid Buffet on burrp.com. We confess. We do it all the time. How can we forget all those extra taxes that weigh down the most fun nights?

For the most part, alcohol is often just too expensive in this city. Thankfully some restaurants in this city do love their patrons enough and they aren’t afraid to show it. So here are a bunch of pocket-friendly ways to party without letting your hard earned money go up in smoke.

Liquid Buffet @ Grillopolis

vodka shot glassThey call it Fret free drinking. They have three packages where you pay a fixed price for unlimited drinks per hour. Rs 650 for the first hour, gives you a choice of unlimited Antiquity, Signature, Blenders Pride, Smirnoff, Bacardi, Old Monk, Blue Riband. Once the hour is up, you pay Rs 450 for the next hour and every hour after that to continue with an unlimited supply of your chosen drink. For Rs 1,250 sip on Johnnie Walker Red Label, Teachers Highland, Black Dog, Absolut Blue or Beefeater and pay Rs 850 for every subsequent hour. The third package is Rs 1850 and you can choose from Chivas Regal, Teachers 50, Belvedere, Captain Morgans, Bombay Sapphire. Rs 1250 is what you will have to pay from the second hour to keep those drinks coming.

The mixers will be charged over and above the hourly price. And yes there will be taxes. But even with all those additions, the bill won’t be as scary as usual. Hop in for dinner and drinks with friends until the end of February and try out this liquid diet.

Bladder Burst @ The Little Door
pee and payThe Little Door may seem bizarre, but anyone who has been around or has participated in one of their beer chugging contests will testify to how much fun you can have here. Known for pulling out all the stops and throwing in some fun surprises at random times, the newest addition here is The Bladder Burst – unlimited beer at Rs 497 (plus taxes) per person till the end of February. So, what’s the catch? The restroom is off limits! If your bladder does burst, you start paying per beer from the next beer onwards. I’m sure many of us have thought of playing this game; many of us have even entertained thoughts of going professional. Either way, if you’re up for the challenge, give it a shot and tell us how it turns out.

Mega Frog @ The Blue Frog

Mega FrogWe all know that The Blue Frog hosts some of the best music events in Mumbai. We also know that an evening there can be quite steep once the alcohol starts flowing. Well, say hello to the Mega Frog! Rs 750 (all inclusive) for four drinks in one sipper – one litre of the yummiest alcoholic mixes we’ve tried in a long time. They have three concoctions, one with whiskey, one with vodka and one with spiced rum. Order a sipper, grab a spot on the dance floor and stay put until the performance is over or you decide to call it a night.

Pushing through the crowd to get to the bar or losing your voice trying to get a second round can easily be a thing of the past. What better, one for the road as the shutters come down just became that much easier as you also take the sipper home for free!

 (Almost) Never-ending Happy Hours

beertoast8pm, that’s the usual deadline for Happy Hours. But there seem to be a few in Mumbai who still believe every hour is a happy hour. The Happy Hours at Bora Bora, Red Ant Café, The Hangover, HQ start at noon and end at midnight on weeknights (Monday to Thursday). Buy one get one free on domestic liquor and both Bora Bora and Red Ant have an additional offer on beer – buy two beers and get one free. No more cost cutting on drinks after work or make a pit stop at one these joints to tank up before you head out to more expensive haunts.

While we are more than happy to spend our evenings between Andheri and Lower Parel, we wish there were more restaurants, pubs and lounges in South Mumbai that would show us some love and keep our spirits high. Hic!


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