Changing Colours @ Py Bar

A unique ambience and exotic cocktails is what Py Bar, a new entrant on the Mumbai bar scene, is all about says Abhishek Sadekar.

What do you do when you walk into a bar that keeps changing its colours? You grab a drink and settle down. That’s what the recently opened Py Bar in Mahalakshmi is all about.

PY06Drawing inspiration from psychedelic bar decors, Py Bar’s alternating Red Green Blue (RGB) illumination stands out and grabs your attention as you walk in. The ever-changing Red-Blue-Green colour theme transforms the place and teleports you into a fantasy world. Take a tour through the city at night in red – complete with tall skyscrapers and vintage cars racing away, the green lands you in the wild amongst dense forests and wild beasts ready to pounce. The deep blue explores the ocean with beautiful mermaids for company.

The bar menu is extensive with their signature cocktails of which martinis are their speciality. We tried a Tangerine martini (Rs 395), a vodka-based martini with a tangy kick to it along with a Pomegranate basil martini (Rs395) that the bartender made especially for us. It is pleasantly refreshing and makes a pretty sight with its vibrant red colour – particularly lovely around the holiday time.

PY-Iced-Tea-ZPY Iced Tea (Rs 445), a version of the famous Long Island Iced tea, has cranberry juice instead of cola, which gives the drink a reddish hue and plenty of tang. The Brazilian Iced Tea  (Rs 445) has Cachaça – a potent distilled Brazilian spirit made from sugarcane juice that replaces the usual rum made this a heady drink.

From their Sangria selection, Sangria Bianco (Rs 375) and the Melon sangria (Rs 375) with bits of chopped muskmelon were a welcome change to the stuff we usually see on bar menus.

The star of the night however was ‘Spicy Night’ (Rs 395) – a rum based cocktail with ground cinnamon and cloves that was served in a whiskey glass and garnished with a stick of cinnamon. The strong, spicy taste of the cinnamon and cloves provides plenty of fun to remember this drink and re-order the next time around.

From the food menu, Italian definitely scores over the rest. While the tangy-salty sundried tomato and the cheesy Prawns Tapanedemushroom bruschetta from Trio Bruschetta (Rs. 295) were delicious, the Veg sliders (Rs 295) with slightly burnt buns and dry patties weren’t at their best. The chicken wings (Rs 355) held on with their sweet and mildly spicy barbeque sauce but it the Prawns Tempanada (Rs 395) that we would recommend trying here. Succulent prawns sautéed in pepper and olive oil with finely chopped olives made for a plate full of subtle Italian flavours.

Our order of a Smoked salmon pizza  (Rs 495) was nothing short of excellent.  The wafer thin-crusted pizza with a smoky, fishy flavour was delicious and the Provincial pizza (Rs 385) that came next was equally delicious.

Hazelnut chocolate torteFor dessert the Hazelnut chocolate torte (Rs 275) with a rice crispie base has plenty of texture to make it interesting. The carrot cake (Rs 295) was moist and perfectly baked while the Pannacota (Rs 255) needs work to live up to the delicate flavours of the Italian custard.

Py Bar is more a bar and bistro. A wide variety of food and drinks, a unique ambience and some flavourful Italian food coupled with delicious signature cocktails make it stand out even in its upscale neighbourhood.

Must try: Spicy Night, Brazilian iced tea, Prawns Tempanada, Smoked salmon pizza

Meal for two: Rs 3000 + taxes (with alcohol)

  • The Py Bar logo
  • seating area at Py Bar
  • Eye catchy psychedelic bar decor
  • A splash of artistic green that instantly grabs your attention
  • Prawns tapanede
  • Panacotta
  • Hazelnut Chocolate torte
  • Harissa Chicken
  • Grilled basa
  • Provincial
  • Carrot Cake
  • Smoked Salmon Pizza
  • Sangria and Sangria Blanco
  • Tangerine and Rosemary martini
  • Bruschetta Trio

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